Brunel 1:2 Share split

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Press release

The General Meeting of Shareholders held on 1 May 2014 decided on an amendment of the articles of associations of Brunel International N.V. (“Brunel”). This amendment includes a share split of 1:2. Each ordinary share with a nominal value of EUR 0.05 will be split into two shares with a nominal value of EUR 0.03. The deed of amendment has been effected on 3 June 2014, after close of trading.

In this respect, for every ordinary share Brunel with nominal value EUR 0.05 (ISIN NL0000343432) two (2) new ordinary shares Brunel with a nominal value of EUR 0.03 will be obtained. Holders of shares Brunel, which are in custody with a bank or broker, do not have to take any action themselves.

NYSE Euronext Amsterdam has been requested to determine that the listing of the shares Brunel with the nominal value EUR 0.03 in the new ISIN code NL0010776944 will start on 4 June 2014. The Euronext symbol will remain unchanged (BRNL).

Information Members of NYSE Euronext Amsterdam
In connection with the above, the shares Brunel, which are recorded in the administration of Euroclear Nederland at close of trading of shares Brunel on 6 June 2014 (the Record date), will be exchanged into new ordinary shares Brunel with nominal value EUR 0.03, whereby the current balance will be multiplied by two.

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